When It Comes To Food…I Simmer

If you compare how I fall in love to how you prepare meat, I am a crockpot roast that you prepare early in the morning and wait all day for.  I do not pop.  It is not love at first sight.  I simmer…for a long time.

So, it was only natural for me to take my sweet time educating myself, rethinking meal prep, and finally becoming the real food fanatic that I am today.  In the beginning  (it was February of 2014), I ate whatever I wanted.  I had tried many diets, shakes, changes in breakfast, exercise programs, gym memberships, and eventually decided to eat what I wanted to eat.

I was 32.  I had my fourth and final baby at the end of 2011.  My weight fluctuated but was staying around 160.  That number did not make me happy, but I could deal with it.  Then, it started.  Anxiety.  Depression.  Two months of menstrual bleeding with a day or two of “spotting”.  Something was not okay, but I had no idea where to look first.

The day after the birth of our last baby girl, I had a tubal ligation.  Now, before I share this and get nasty comments about what an uneducated fool I am for thinking that the tubal had anything to do with my list of symptoms.  I ask you to please do some research.  Google “post tubal ligation syndrome” and read the information.  Moving on.  From November 2nd, 2011 until February of 2014, I experienced huge changes in hormones, weight gain, etc.

For the first time in my life, I did not feel healthy.  After bleeding for two months, I sat in our minivan in the Sam’s Club parking lot and asked God to give me an answer.  I had been taking a Medical Terminology class as part of a Court Reporting Certificate.  A whole new world of medical science was suddenly and unexpectedly beginning to make sense.  There was a catch.  I didn’t agree with half the garbage (opinions) my teacher or the Ted Talks she assigned us were feeding me.  One of them, however, was valuable.  It was a young doctor who appeared to be very healthy but who was diagnosed with diabetes.  His discussion and many other factors led me down a path to eating real food.

Back to the Sam’s Club parking lot.  I Googled “how to avoid a hysterectomy”.  In the course of studying the human body, it became clear to me this was the prognosis.  I just refused!  No, I would not be 32 and going through a hysterectomy!  The next steps were: Cod Liver Oil (but it MUST be the Norwegian liquid kind), Vitex (chasteberry), and a diet of real food.


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