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What is a PCL Party?
At our parties, we share healthy lifestyle tips and tools based on you and your guests’ specific health goals.  We help you and each of your guests create a Practically Clean Living Plan.  (*Note: We are not doctors.  We encourage each person to consult his/her physician in regards to change in diet or exercise.)

Why should I have a PCL Party?  The goal of a PCL Party is to inspire you in your health journey and share step-by-step changes to improve overall wellness!  It’s FREE!  This is huge!  Health coaches, gym memberships, diet plans and the like are very expensive!  The biggest benefit they provide, versus “going it alone”, is encouragement and accountability.  We provide both for free!

How much does it cost? No, really.  Are you gonna ask me to buy something?  Nope.  Before the party, your job as the host is to ask each guest, “What are your biggest health concerns?”  This allows us to prepare information and tools (includes doTERRA essential oils products) that promote wellness for you and your guests.  We will introduce doTERRA essential oils because we use them on our family’s health journey.  However, we do not hold parties to sell, sell, sell.  We hold them to encourage and serve others.  When an essential oil seems useful to a host or guest, we will gladly share how to purchase it.  However, if someone is interested in doing what we do, we will schedule a time to meet with them about this opportunity.  We do not take up valuable party time to promote a business.  At the end of your party, we will collect a one-question survey from you and your guests.  The survey asks the question, “What top 5 health goals do you have for the next month? The next year?”

Do I get anything out of it?  Absolutely!  First, you will learn about doTERRA essential oils.  We will share how to use these oils for daily common health concerns, cleaning, gardening, and much more.  You and each of your guests will set obtainable health goals for one month and up to one year.  Each person in attendance will receive access to their party event page on Facebook to encourage each other as they strive to meet these goals during the first month.  After the first month, if everyone at the party achieves their health goals, we will have a second party with “freebies” to celebrate their success!  As the host, you will also receive 10% of your party’s total.

Are you ready to jump start your practically clean lifestyle?  E-mail us at!  We look forward to encouraging you!

P.S. Why we hold “Practically Clean Living Parties” instead of “doTERRA classes”:  Many doTERRA Welness Advocates hold classes to share these essential oils.  We think that’s great!  However, after many years of walking our own family journey to health, we strongly believe that wellness is an overall process.  We love doTERRA oils!  And, we also strive to eat real food (non-processed), regularly exercise, love God and love others, maintain financial peace, get enough sleep, continue learning, and provide a safe and loving home for our family.  Life has many aspects which require our attention if we want to stay healthy.  We use the oils to promote wellness in each aspect.  For example, we use tea tree oil to help bug bites, clear up acne, and promote clear airways during the winter.  We use lavender to soothe our senses and maintain a calm environment, especially at night.  We do NOT use doTERRA essential oils as a cure-all, magic elixir potion…because, that’s just silly.  They are oils from plants that promote wellness, and we love using them in our home!  We also love encouraging other families on their complete journey toward clean living!

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